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micromv tapes to usb

micromv tapes to usb
Brand: iMemoryBox
Availability: In Stock
Price: £15.00

5 or more £14.00
10 or more £12.50
15 or more £9.97
21 or more £7.97
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Any VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, MiniDV, Digital8, MicroMV tapes and camcorder footage upto 4 hours in length all transferred to DVD and USB drive.

Add the number of tapes you have to the shopping cart. The more you have the cheaper it gets. The price includes the DVD transfer of your tape and the ripping of that Digital DVD to a file format of your choice. MP4 seems to be the most popular at the moment.

So how do you receive the MP4 digital file I hear you ask! Well you can supply a hard drive or USB Memory stick with your tapes or we will supply one (at extra cost) suitable for your needs. We usually supply Sandisk Ultra USB drives for their speed and reliability.

We will beat any business on price and quality. Remember to look at our offers for 10 and 20 tapes to DVD deals.
We are Darlington's premier video to DVD transfer specialists. We convert video to DVD in Darlington and never out source. In fact most companies send their transfer to us.

If you have longer tapes do not worry! We have a service for longer tapes too.

Please note that we are unable to copy tapes that are subject to copyright should they be available for purchase on DVD.

All formats (VHS, Video 8, Hi8, MiniDV, VHS-C Etc.) are the same around the world but the run times and recording signals on the tape are different. Pal is the system we use here in the U.K., most of Europe, and all commonwealth countries. Note that copyright material will require permission in writing from the copyright holder. Special rates apply for obsolete or broadcast formats. Your recordings will be given a re-fresh as we up-scale them. There might be a small loss in picture quality in the transfer process if the recordings are in long play or from the American NTSC system. Our Video to DVD transfer services in Darlington use Progressive Scan technology. Progressive scan shows both fields in one pass, so providing a smoother and more accurate picture. Progressive Scan requires special connections such as HDMI or Component Etc...A standard signal is defined as 480i (576i for PAL) or 480p (576p For PAL) if it's de-interlaced progressive scan. We also use this process with a Flexible Recording Mode ie. if your Tape is one and a half hours long, most companies would use a fixed bit-rate of 5Mbps to a max record time of 2hrs. per DVD. This is just not good enough in our opinion. We use a flexible Bit-rate of between 1.7 - 10Mbps. This allows all the data capacity of the DVD to be used for your tape recording. It also allows up-to 3hrs worth of video to be placed on the DVD with better than SP results. Please note that we do not always use this method, sometimes we use another method which still transfers in super high quality. We are based in Darlington, County Durham.



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