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Transfer your Video and Cine Film to USB Drive in MP4 format, DVD, BluRay, The Cloud (YouTube) and Other formats safely and in the Highest Quality for the UK

Based in Darlington, County Durham, since 1999 we have been bringing memories back to life using cutting edge equipment and processes long before most transfer companies in the UK. We were the first people and still remain one of a couple of people in the UK who transfer 8mm Cine Film to HD and BluRay in the way we do, maintaining the quality as it was intended on the film, there is no better way to transfer old Cine Film than using this technique and the custom built machines from the states!

We specialise in transferring your photos to the Cloud, USB, CD, DVD, and Blu-ray, 35mm slides, negatives, 8mm to dvd, super 8 mm, super8 Sound, 9.5mm, 16mm cine film, VHS to DVD, video to DVD, VHS-C, Betamax, MicroMV, Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini DV camcorder tapes to USB MP4 ,DVD the Cloud (YouTube) and Full 1080 HD Blu-ray.

Our other services include but are not limited to the following :- Audio reel to reel, audio cassettes & 33, 45, 78 Vinyl, DAT to CD, DVD & MP3. Foreign video formats NTSC SECAM PAL and most other home movie formats to one of the many other newer formats that are now available like USB MP4, DVD, iPod, DivX, Blu-ray and the Cloud etc. You will find us inexpensive fast & friendly.

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Cine Film Transfers

FULL HD Tele Cine Film Transfer

Here at iMemoryBox we take great pride in our 8mm Cine Film
transfers. When iMemoryBox began back in 1999, we
originally started by transferring 8mm, 9 . 5mm and
16mm Cine Film. The methods way back then were
not so great but in recent yearsTechnology
has bounded along and we can now
transfer that precious old film from
the 1960s onward to Full HD 1080 p 
quality! We are, to our knowledge the 
only people in the UK to use this method
of HD Tele Cine transfer for 8mm film.
We are so proud of our transfers, we

offer a 50ft tester reel for FREE!
All you have to do is pay the postage
and we do the rest, you can see the
true beautiful quality your film was
originally captured in. Our unique direct
from frame transfer makes sure that we capture
every  little  piece of the Cine Film in it's highest possible
quality, by doing it in HD even if you don't have a HD TV or a BluRay
player to fully appreciate the highest quality you will not be disappointed!
To find our more about our 8mm Cine Film transfers click here to go to the Cine Film transfer page
and see how we do our transfers by visiting our video How to page here

video tape transfer to dvd


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Video Tape Transfer

VHS, VHS Compact, Hi 8, Digital 8, Mini DV and Micro MV Transfer

Here at iMemoryBox we take your old video tapes with all those old holidays, weddings and old memories and convert them to modern day DVD so you can enjoy them time and time again at home and with your friends and family. Not only that but you can also have your memories specially edited by our team of highly trained editors. You can add things like title screens, music, special menus and even make your own DVD print and cover.

We use super high tech gear which converts those old tapes and adds a bit of special magic in there to make those memories into a digital form. Video tapes are getting older and begriming to really deteriorate, especially Betamax tapes (they are getting on 30 years old if not older) so you need to act quick to make sure you preserve your memories today before they fade away. We use methods such as VBR or Variable Bit Rate, this means that we transfer in the highest possible quality for your tape to make sure we maximise the space on the disc. We use special adaptors on our machines, high quality ex-broadcast equipment and high end domestic transfer equipment to make sure your memories are specially preserved into a digital format.

Once you have had them transferred we offer a range of additional back up services, to editable copies for your computer which can also be used to keep a back up of your transfers, also additional copies to share with friends and family, and even upload your memories to YouTube to share with the whole world, we stick by the saying "we'll give it a go" we tend to try anything and if it doesn't work we make sure nothing is lost in the process.

So to get a quote to transfer your video tape memories, see the Prices button at the top of the page or click here. If you need to speak to someone, we are here 10am till 5pm Monday to Saturday, on SMS 0796 7020 007, email or leave a message at 0191 645 1326, all our operations are based in Darlington in the UK and we outsource nothing to anyone, if we can not complete a job in house we will not take on the job.

For more information on our other services click here or to find out some of the methods to transfer video tape that we use learn more here

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